The Lilia Sofer Skala Student Portfolio (Ms2003-015)

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The Lilia Sofer Skala Student Portfolio (Ms2003-015)


Lilia Sofer Skala was born in Vienna, Austria in 1896. She earned a degree in architecture from the University of Dresden and became the first female member of the Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects, practicing architecture.

Skala became a successful stage and film actress in Europe before fleeing the Nazis with her husband and two sons. Among the personal belongings with which she escaped was her portfolio of student work from the University of Dresden.

Skala immigrated to the United States in 1939 and eventually found success as an actress on Broadway and in television and film. She was nominated for an Academy Award in 1963 for her role as Mother Maria in Lilies of the Field. Skala passed away in 1994.

The collection primarily consists of Lilia Sofer Skala's work as a student of architecture at the University of Dresden from 1915 to 1920. The student work includes architectural drawings, ink and charcoal sketches, and watercolor paintings. The collection also consists of biographical information including copies of Skala's academic records, printed material about the architectural program at the University of Dresden at the turn of the century, articles by and about Skala, and press material for LiLiA!, a play about Skala written and performed by her grandaughter, Libby Skala.


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Collection Items

Section Drawing, unidentified four-storey building (Ms2003-015)
Section drawing of unidentified four-storey building designed by Lilia Skala.

Drawing, Door Illustration (Ms2003-015)
Hand drawing illustration of a door done by Lilia Skala.

Detail Drawings (Ms2003-015)
A collection of section detail drawings done by Lilia Skala.

Sketch, Ornamental detail (Ms2003-015)
A travel sketch of an architectural ornament done by Lilia Skala.

Sketch, Woman (Ms2003-015)
A sketch of a woman done by Lilia Skala.

Sketch, Woman looking forward (Ms2003-015)
A sketch of a woman done by Lilia Skala.

Photograph, Passport Photo (Ms2003-015)
Lilia Skala's passport photograph from 1915. Sepia tone photograph.

Sketch, unidentified building (Ms2003-015)
Travel sketch of unidentified building done by Lilia Skala.
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